Social Situations to Stay Away from If You’re in Recovery

474895181While there’s no need to be a hermit if you’re in recovery, there are certain social situations that you may want to avoid. They might be too much temptation or put you in a negative mindset. Steering clear of situations that have the potential to make you relapse can ultimately keep you on a positive and healthy path.

  1. Parties with Drugs and Alcohol

If you’re invited to a party where you know that people will be abusing drugs and alcohol, it’s best not to put yourself in that situation. Not only can it create a lot of temptation, but it also probably won’t be very enjoyable. Watching others participate in destructive behaviors isn’t fun after you’ve learned how satisfying it can be to lead a healthy life. Politely decline these events and do something with others instead.

  1. Drama

If you have friends who routinely create drama, this type of atmosphere could weaken your willpower. Drama can be an energy-sapper, and toxic people can bring you back to a place of depression and anger. Instead, try to surround yourself with people who employ positivity and thoughtful connection. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn your back on friends, but you’ll want to create and maintain healthy boundaries with those who tend to bring you down.

  1. Sporting Events with Tailgating or Drinking

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a game, but if you usually go to tailgate or drink, you’ll want to change up your routine. Go with friends or family who enjoy the game without alcohol, and you’ll have a much healthier time. You can use the players as inspiration for physical fitness, discipline and achieving life goals.

  1. Holiday Parties

If you usually go to holiday parties of friends or family members where people drink or use drugs, you might want to skip it, or just stop by for a short visit. Even if you love your family, you won’t want to put yourself in a tempting situation that could ultimately harm you and others.

  1. Concerts

Avoid concerts where drinking and doing drugs is part of the revelry. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live music, but avoid situations that might make you compromise on your sobriety.

Everyone’s temptations are different, so use your own discernment when deciding what to avoid. Just remember that sometimes a temptation can be too great if it’s staring you in the face. Once you realize your personal weaknesses, you can learn how to protect yourself against unneeded struggles.

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