There is No Secret to Overcoming Drug Addiction

476253711The fight against drug addiction can be won. But there is no secret method that can make it vanish in an instant.

What it takes to overcome a substance abuse problem is simple and straightforward. To stay clean and sober you must create a new state of mind. You must adopt a better way of thinking and living that replaces the dangerous high of drug abuse with an enthusiastic embrace of good health and the smart practices that support it.

Wellness is a Choice, Not a Blessing

When you enter a rehab facility you will undergo an intensive program of detoxification, followed by regular individual and group therapy sessions designed to help you uncover the true reasons for your surrender to addiction. As you gradually come to terms with your inner pain your expanded understanding will play a critical role in your successful recovery from chemical dependency.

However, there is more to overcoming addiction that just learning to understand your pain. The gaps in your life that have been filled by drugs must be replaced by positive thoughts, emotions and activities. As your process of physical and mental reprogramming continues you’ll learn to adopt a ‘one-minute-at-a-time’ outlook that will allow you to reinvent your lifestyle from the ground up.

During addiction therapy you will learn some basic strategies to help you cope with stress, anxiety and physical and emotional cravings. You will also be encouraged to adopt some specific wellness practices based on your personal interests.

Your list of potential healing options could include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Massage therapy
  • Diet and nutrition programs
  • Exercise routines and/or recreational sports
  • Creative writing, art or multimedia classes or projects
  • Volunteer work in the community
  • Riding horses, backpacking, or some other form of fresh-air outdoor activity

Almost any hobby that promotes a healthier lifestyle can assist you in your struggle with substance abuse. Your drug addiction is a habit and you need to replace it with new and better habits that will occupy your body, your mind and your time.

To Rehab and Beyond

Once your initial 30-90 day stint in rehab is finished you will transition into an aftercare program that focuses on therapy (individual, group and/or family), peer group meetings (with Narcotics Anonymous or somewhere similar) and honest self-appraisal. In every moment you will work hard to reinforce your new constructive habits of thought and behavior. To help you stay focused and avoid the temptation to start using drugs again, your counselors and your peers in NA will offer you a non-judgmental environment where you can freely discuss any difficulties you’ve been encountering.

Your introduction to a more healthful lifestyle will begin in rehab, continue in aftercare and remain a part of your recovery process for the rest of your life. This type of dedication is required if you want to overcome drug addiction, and if you suffer any relapse you will have no choice but to pick yourself up and start again.

Going to rehab is just the first step to regaining control over your future. Your program of recovery from addiction will last a lifetime and you must embrace it every single day once you decide that drugs are no longer welcome in your life.

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3 responses to “There is No Secret to Overcoming Drug Addiction

  1. I agree about replacing the bad habits of drug addiction with healthy habits. I was using 22 hours a day, had no time for anything else. Now I spend a lot of time writing, doing exercise and have a full recovery programme. I am 10 years clean this year and have never relapsed since I started my recovery programme.

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