Surprising Truths About Addiction


Some know love is kind, beautiful, blind and can happen at first sight. However, there has been some new revelation that love can actually be a mental disorder of sorts. Among the truths about addiction, love has been pretty much likened to sex addiction. Though it will rattle multiple ideologies and beliefs, here are some 5 proven scientific truths about addiction related to love:

1) It’s a Process Addiction

Love is said to cause an addiction to activities directly related to someone’s mood. Love being a process addiction affects the same areas in the brain affected by chemical substances from drugs like cannabis or alcohol. So love causes the same weakening effects one gets from substance abuse like depression, fatigue or melancholy.

2) Trigger Similar Obsessions

While druggies fantasize about their next fix, love addicts are fixated on their next love story. This entails obsessing about a person, or romanticizing another life than the reality they are in; such addicts will create a person in their minds who they will always dream of, and the dream is seldom their current boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. The victim pursues romantic fantasies in any way possible until they miss out on the capacity to have healthy normal relationships.

3) Same Root Causes

Just like substance abuse, love addicts develop this complex from past emotional traumas they suffered like rejection, physical abuse of any form or abandonment. This causes them to be insecure in any relationship they are in, seeing themselves as less compared to their partner. This is why they slip into fantasies that make them feel ‘complete’.

4) Many are Oblivious of the Condition

It’s not that easy coming up with stats for love addiction as it is for drug abuse. Many victims aren’t even aware of this disorder in their lives; however, they all feel the same effect of addiction. They pursue a romantic fantasy that leaves them feeling less satisfied or rejected every day.

5) Same Road to Recovery

The condition is curable through a 12 step program like SLAA. By attending Love Addiction anonymous meetings, one can fully recover from the condition, knowing there are other people like them on the journey to recovery.

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