Why A Former Passages Malibu Employee Is Suing


Passages Malibu rehab is back in the headlines again and as usual for all the wrong reasons. The rehab center is being faced with yet another Passages Malibu lawsuit, which surprisingly comes from one of its former employee, Cynthia Begazao. According to the details given, more atrocities that happened behind the rehab’s closed doors have been brought to light, and they are not at all pleasing.

The chief reason for the lawsuit is a number of unprofessional practices Ms Begazao observed while she worked as a Human Resource Director at Passages. One offense still fresh in memory of most people is how a case concerning a dead patient was handled by the authorities. According to Cynthia, her former boss Marina Mahoney instructed her to withhold important information from the insurance company and civil authorities that were looking into the case. Mahoney also falsified accounts of the death because the rehab center was yet to have a formal system to handle new intakes, patient detoxing and monitoring.

Cynthia Begazao’s cries of justice are echoed by yet another former employee, Kim Ford, who is suing the rehab center as well. Ford had also been banned from reporting the true accounts of the death, and her together with Begazao were banned from accessing the important personnel files requested by state officials. Ms Ford also cried foul about her bosses’ knack in tampering licensing information for the rehab center.

Passages Malibu Rehab center is also being sued for incidences of ageism and discrimination by sexual orientation. Ms Begazao admitted to witnessing her superior, Ms Mahoney, firing old employees remarking that they are ‘slowing down’ and ‘cannot keep up’. Ms Ford on her lawsuit also observed that Mahoney notoriously made sexually discriminating remarks against a gay employee, calling him a weakling, sissy and a snake that is not be trusted.

Both Ms Ford’s and Ms Begazao’s employment contracts were prematurely terminated simply for standing up against the misconduct of their superiors at Passages.

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