Alcoholism In Parents Of Autistic Children


When your child has been diagnosed with autism, it be confusing and overwhelming. Most parents are left to figure it out on their own. Some blame it on genetics, the environment and others on a combination of both. There are a select few parents who view autism as a gift. Science has yet to figure out the cause of autism. There is medication that is designed to treat the symptoms of autism, but there is no cure as yet and many parents hare left to deal with the specific needs of their autistic child. This is overwhelming for most parents and this is why Alcoholism in Parents of Autistic Children is common.

Is is estimated that 1 in 68 children have autism. This means that millions of parents have autistic children. Parenting a child with autism is a big challenge. You cannot have a normal life and that is something you need to accept. Your child will most probably not be invited to his friends birthday parties. You will also spend ore time indoors as restaurants, grocery stores and other public places are out of the question. Even family functions are not enjoyable, as you will most likely spend more time in a room soothing your frightened child, than enjoying yourself.

One of the things that having a child with autism does is make you aware of what’s important in life. Suddenly all the superficial things in life become insignificant as your mind focuses on your child. It is a painful process to watch your child have epileptic seizures and become aggressive for no reason. Children with autism need specialized supervision. You can’t leave at your average day care facility. So you pretty much have your child glued to you at all times and this can become overwhelming for many parents. This is also why they turn to alcohol. Many parents see alcohol as an escape from the life they feel trapped in. It is also exhausting to look after an autistic child around the clock. However, there are better ways of dealing with this challenging situation and alcohol can cause more harm than good.

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