Sometimes It Takes Hitting Rock Bottom


Sadly, it often takes hitting an extremely low point in life to make some alcoholics see that their drinking has become a problem. Even sadder still, is the fact that everyone who is involved in the life of a person with a Serious Drinking Problem can be negatively affected by it. Many alcoholics have to actually become the cause of an emotionally traumatic occurrence in order to see how their drinking affects everyone.

This can mean losing a job, family, friends, and even losing everything they own. Each case is different, as are the levels of alcohol addiction. One of the worst things about addiction is that it can remain hidden from the addict for many years. An addict will go through many stages of denial, and unlike a medical problem, addiction can go unseen or noticed for many years by an addict.

Sometimes a life altering event is what it costs a person to realize that there is a problem. It is very difficult to watch someone waste away with addiction, especially when they are in deep denial. This is when a life changing event often happens and wakes them up to the issues. Unfortunately for some addicts, death comes first and they never have another chance to sober up.

If you or someone you love has a drinking problem the absolute best thing to do is seek help as soon as the problem is noticed. Trying to talk someone into giving up on substance abuse of any kind can be a walk on a dead end street. Many families and friendships are torn apart because people do not know how to deal with substance abuse. Professional help such as that found through All Hands Drug Treatment can help with addiction issues, no matter who is suffering.

If you think you are developing a drinking problem, seek help with a one on one professional to be assessed. The next step is to seek the guidance of a treatment center for alcoholism. If need be, sign in for residential treatment if possible. Another thing to do is make sure that family and friends are involved with the sobering up process. When all of these forces are combined together, alcohol addiction can be a thing of the past.

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One response to “Sometimes It Takes Hitting Rock Bottom

  1. Hitting bottom is a familiar concept. As parents and family members, we want to prevent bottom until we realize that that is a form of enabling. Then we can’t believe that for every bottom there is often another and another. My son would hit bottom, and without any enabling from us, would bob up and then hit bottom again. This pattern continued for several years. For us, it was not longer about hitting bottom, it was about him realizing that he didn’t want to hit it again.

    In time, users do stop. The question is will they hit bottom and get treatment or will they hit a bottom from which they can’t bob up again. Friends and family members grow weary from witnessing this. But, and I know this from personal experience, by being there ready WHEN THEY ARE READY, the bottom goes away and recovery begins.

    Midwestern Mama
    Our Young Addicts

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