How To Increase Self-Esteem During Addiction Recovery


Increasing one’s self esteem during rehabilitation and addiction recovery can be a difficult task. The presence of a drug addiction indicates that a person may already suffer from low self-esteem. Getting a grip on that lowered sense of self-worth in the midst of drug recovery can be super-challenging, but it is possible. The following are some tips for working toward building confidence and esteem:

Create a List of Positives

Low-self-esteem develops because people tend to digest and approve negative information more than they approve the positive information. Writing a list of positive points about oneself can help to boost the self esteem. The person can look at the list every day and repeat the comments. Digesting the information visually can force the brain the process it.

Remember That Recovery Is a Process

Many people beat themselves up because they feel as though the recovery process is too long. They feel that they should succeed the first time they try to recover, as well. Healing from any addiction or illness is a slow process. A recovering person must be patient with himself or herself because of such.

Humans are designed for resilience, and the recovery process may take one person longer than it takes another person. Supporting other people through their recovery is imperative.

Conduct Daily Affirmations

Self-esteem is sometimes low during recovery because the recovering party feels as if no one cares. Self-affirmations are an excellent way to start the day. They are short encouraging phrases that a person says in the mirror to boost morale first thing in the morning. Affirmations can be short comments such as “You are intelligent,” “Someone loves you,” or “You are beautiful.” The goal is to raise the self-esteem before the trials and challenges of the day begin.

Start a Project

Starting and finishing a project can help a person to stay focused on something rewarding. The person could create a sculpture, painting or song to share with the world when it’s finished. Finishing a long-term project can bring great happiness and joy to the person.

The previously mentioned tips can help someone immensely during addiction recovery. Interested persons can follow us for more information on drug and alcohol addiction and treatment in the future.


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