Explaining Bipolar Disorders To Children

Here at “All Hands Drug Treatment” we believe that knowledge is power. Helping young children to understand bipolar disorder helps to demystify this disease and goes a long way to putting them more at ease with what a family member is going through. When children are left with no answers they are left to their own devices to try to figure things out and at times they become lost. Having anyone in the family with any type of bipolar disorders can be overwhelming.

Giving explanations to children in language that is appropriate for their age level is vital. If this is not done then chances are they will not understand and will become even more ill at ease with the way things are. Luckily, there are resources, whether it be articles or people that can help you figure out how best to talk to the child. When dealing with bipolar disorder it can seem a bit intimidating to a non professional. For many professionals bipolar disorders can be confusing and at times hard to explain, especially to a lay person. The most important thing is to use compassion and to listen and respond to any and all questions or fears that the child has.

Some examples of questions that the child might have are: what is bipolar disorder? why does my mom or dad act that way? did I do something to cause this? It’s important to answer the questions in a kind and loving way and to also let the child know that they are in no way to blame. Many times when something is wrong in a family a child automatically assumes they are the cause. This can do a lot of damage to a child’s psyche.

While it is good to answer the child’s questions if you feel that you are overwhelmed and need help please make sure you get it. We at All Hands Drug Treatment have many informative articles on our site. So please feel free to use all the resources that we have. However, if you do feel you are overwhelmed and need more help talking to the child then please consult a professional.

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