The Staggering Number Of Adults Who Experience Problem Drinking


Drinking alcohol is often done at social events, as a means of celebrating. Other people choose to have wine or beer with their meals, which helps to complement their food. Regardless of the amount of people that enjoy drinking on a casual basis, there are some people with a major problem drinking entirely too much.

Although not many people realize it, problem drinking has become a major problem over the years. According to a national survey, more than 33 million adults have a problem with consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis. In many cases, these adults fail to seek treatment.

Who Is Considered a Problem Drinker?

In order to be considered a problem drinker, a person must meet certain criteria. A person with a problem with alcohol must drink to the point that alcohol affects their home-life, employment and relationships. Problem drinking significantly lowers performance when it comes to all aspects of a person’s life. A person can also be considered to be have an alcohol problem if they have had one or more unsuccessful attempt to lessen the amount of alcohol that is consumed, or if they suffer from hangovers on a regular basis.

How Many People Are Problem Drinkers?

According to a research study conducted by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism that required them to survey adults about their drinking, more than 14 percent of those surveyed were problem drinkers a some time in their lives. The most common problem drinking issues were mild, although there were quite a few heavy drinkers involved in the research.

Binge Drinkers

More than 40 percent of the adults included in the survey admitted to binge drinking at least once in the past year. Binge drinking entails rapidly gulping at least 5 drinks in one night.

Profile of the Average Problem Drinker

According to surveys, problem drinkers fall into the category of white or Native American males, often under thirty. Problem drinkers also frequently hail from low-income, rural households, and is more common in the West and Mid-West.

Problem drinking in becoming a widespread problem, although many aren’t seeking the treatment that could make a major difference in their lives. It’s not sure if this is due to denial or some other reason, but alcoholism is on the rise and it doesn’t appear as if rates might decline in the near future.

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2 responses to “The Staggering Number Of Adults Who Experience Problem Drinking

  1. Alcohol consumption seems to have a prominent role in U.S. culture and is normalized by its availability at social events, celebrations, and its depiction in media. I tend to feel a bit abnormal when I’m the only one without a drink in my hand. Alcohol use is so accepted, its hard to avoid. You can’t drive down the highway without seeing billboards selling booze, nor can you visit the grocery without seeing displays of alcohol throughout the entirety of the store as its not confined to just the the liquor isle. Our culture would have us believe that alcohol is safe and fun, nothing like those insidious substances which have been made illegal. Some people won’t even acknowledge that alcohol is a drug, insisting that it is somehow different because it is bought legally. People also tend to think that alcohol is somehow safer than street drugs because of its legal status. However, coming from someone who has heavily used nearly every other drug, I can attest that alcohol is a just as powerful and as potentially problematic as any street drug. Its so powerful that it can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. It’s so powerful that it can cause you to black out and can make it so you can’t walk or talk. It’s so powerful that you can overdose and die, which we tragically see from time to time, often amoung young people. While alcohol companies want their product to seem fun and hip, what they don’t tell you is alcohol is the only drug (other than benzos) from which withdraw from can be fatal. Even heroin withdraw isn’t nearly as dangerous as alcohol withdraw. While alcohol is legal, it is still a powerful substance which can be problematic for many people as this post demonstrates. While I don’t think banning a substance is necessarily the best way to curtail its use, I think our culture needs to change how it views this particular drug. Thanks for spreading the word!

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