The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs


The popularity of prescription drugs has been rising for the last decades. A lot of people around the world are using them but not many really know the risk. An article appearing on the Washington Post back in 1998 showed that about 105,000 people die annually as a result of prescription drugs. However, not all prescription drugs are bad and not all pose a risk. It is important to however keep in mind that the drugs that can cause serious health issues. The following are some of the dangerous prescription drugs in the market:

Prednisone or Cortisone

The long term side effect of Prednisone can be quite devastating. One of the major visible conditions associated with the drug include high blood pressure, bone fracture, loss of muscle and also intestinal bleeding. The best way to deal with these issues is to limit the amount of time you are on the prescription. However, if you have been taking the drugs for more than six months don’t stop abruptly without the help of a doctor.


Coumadin is actually used as a blood thinner prescription and the dangers associated with it are real. The most common case is excessive bleeding especially upon injury. Some cases of people bleeding to death just from a simple razor blade cut have been reported. Additionally, the drug has also been known to weaken blood vessels and cells. Ultimately, this can lead to cardiovascular issues including high or low blood pressure and strokes.


Prozac is one of the prescriptions used to deal with depression. It is a very common drug and it is not only dangerous but also highly addictive. The biggest visible effect of Prozac is increased anxiety and also mood disorders. The drug is also reported to cause constant agitation which often leads to obsessive, violent and aggressive behavior. What makes things worse, Prozac is one of the most prescribed depression drugs in the market yet these side effects are quite visible.

Before you buy any prescription drugs, you have to be fully aware of the side effects. If you can get another better alternative, you should go for it.


3 responses to “The Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

  1. I’m acquainted with more than one of those meds, but didn’t know of the gravity of the side-effects. I’d love more info on antidepressants, in particular. Effexor is worth noting because of the brain ticks (?) experienced even while weaning off them carefully… but they never tell you that the side-effects could be worse than depression.

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