Drug Abuse And Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is a chronic medical condition wherein the sufferers feel pain everywhere in their bodies. In fact, even a gentle touch would trigger a huge wave of pain! Prior to the 1970s, doctors were of the opinion that Fibromyalgia is a fictitious condition that was invented by females in order to get more drugs. Today, Fibromyalgia is a recognized medical condition, but its exact cause is still not certain. However, the top three causes can be genetics, past abuse (during childhood) and infections.

According to studies, genetics have a huge role to play when it comes to this condition. Individuals who suffer from this chronic condition often pass it on to their children. Apart from genetics, abuse is also a probable culprit for this painful condition. Children who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse and alcohol or drug abuse during their childhood are most likely to develop this condition and carry it with them through adulthood. After all, exposure to stress for an extended amount of time can alter the human brain’s natural ability to deal with pain reception.

Those who have had experiences of drug abuse or physical abuse in the past and are suffering from Fibromyalgia should consult physicians or health professionals at the earliest. This would enable the healthcare professionals to devise a new method of treatment, now that the angle of past abuse is revealed. This treatment would include an extensive amount of healing for abuse-related issues because treating the abuse issue would also mean treating of Fibromyalgia symptoms at the same time!

Of course, it goes without saying that if the Fibromyalgia condition in a patient is triggered by drug abuse then the patient needs to give up consuming drugs forever. This would substantially reduce the pain and enable one to live a normal life. It is also important to consume a healthy and balanced diet in order to ensure that the symptoms of this condition are eliminated completely and that there is no flaring up of the condition in the future. Similarly, one can also rely on health supplements to keep this condition under control. Supplements rich in ginger, ascorbigen, magnesium, St. John’s wort, Omega 3 essential fats, melatonin and SAM-e are recommended.

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3 responses to “Drug Abuse And Fibromyalgia

  1. This was fascinating. My codeine withdrawals involved being in great pain everywhere all the time for about 2 weeks, and about a year before I stopped I had developed a “chronic pain problem” that painkillers didn’t seem to touch – which is why my Rx painkiller consumption got so out of control, they just gave me stronger and stronger ones. I am going to add this page to my “addiction resources” page because your site is so informative and it’s so hard to find helpful information about prescription drug, painkiller etc abuse that doesn’t just lump it all together.

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