How Marijuana And Drug Abuse May Affect The Future

Something really interesting happened lately. Namely, small amounts of weed will be legal in Oregon starting in 2015. This means that people will be able to grow, smoke joints, and even sell without many legal repercussions. The citizens of the state decided and voted on this, so that part isn’t really up for debate. Apparently the people of such a great state want to legalize certain drugs, and that is their right.

Certainly, marijuana offers a lot of benefits to patients who need it. It has also been shown to boost the economy of states such as Colorado. But we cannot deny that there is some discomfort brewing. Namely, people are concerned that the legalization of marijuana will promote even worse drug abuse. It is often called the gateway drug for good reason. That reason is because people who try it often get more brazen and try harder stuff like meth, cocaine, and heroin.

But on the other hand we cannot forget that things such as alcohol are also drugs, and have been legalized and even socially acceptable since the dawn of time, with a few bumps along the way. Indeed, many studies show that alcohol tends to cause more harm than marijuana. We must be cautious of operating heavy machinery and driving while under the influence of marijuana of course, but the same is easily said for alcohol, and that has a proven addiction rate that marijuana does not.

It’s hard to say what will happen from here. Either the drug abuse rate will go up, or nothing will really happen at all. We should keep an eye out on Oregon and other marijuana legalizing states to see how it goes from here. Only time will tell when it comes to this.


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