What You Need To Know About The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol is one of if not the most abused drug on the planet. It has destroyed lives, careers and families. This article will tell you the signs of Alcohol abuse, Alcohol’s effect on the body, and how to get help if you or a loved one has an alcohol abuse problem.

Alcohol is classified as a depressant. This means that it suppresses and impairs normal brain function. It dose this by inhibiting neurotransmitters in the brain, which makes it hard for them to communicate with each other.

The effects of alcohol can very heavily depending on how much of it is consumed versus the person’s body weight. In small amounts, alcohol suppresses inhibitions, interferes with balance, and creates a feeling of Euphoria. Larger doses can cause problems with short term memory,vomiting, and blacking out. Drinking too much at one time can cause permanent liver damage.

Prolonged abuse of alcohol can seriously harm your health. Alcoholics, people addicted to alcohol, commonly suffer from both brain and liver damage. Long term alcohol abuse also leads to stomach ulsters and increased blood pressure. These and other health problems can inevitably to hospitalization or death.

Alcohol abuse can be a result of a large number of issues. Genetics, childhood trauma, stress, and mental illness can all be factors that lead people to drink excessively. It is not the people that drink a lot that necessary become alcoholics, but the people who feel they need to drink to deal with life or their emotions.

If you or one of your love ones has a problem with alcohol abuse, you are not alone and there is help for you. If you have a problem, I recommend you try to locate a nearby rehab center or Alcoholics Anonymous. I wish you luck and a healthy, long, and drug-free life.


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