The Troubles Regarding Addiction to Speed

122480901There are many harmful substances that people get addicted to every single day, from fattening foods to cigarettes. One of the most harmful though is addiction to amphetamines. Those that are hooked on speed face a wide range of problems very quickly and need to address their underlying issues before things become even worse.

One of the reasons that use of uppers is so dangerous is how rapidly addiction sets in. The withdrawal associated with quitting is intensely uncomfortable. It can include hallucinations, sweats, and intense fear. Some make the mistake of thinking that using a bit more will take off the edge but, it will only intensify and prolong the addiction.

Amphetamines are also dangerous because of what they do to the heart. Blood pressure and pulse rates go up dramatically when a person is high on speed. This puts a great deal of stress on the muscles in the heart and all of the circulatory system. A person may unexpectedly have a heart attack, even if they are young. Sometimes, this is fatal.

Substance abuse is expensive, which leads many to crime in order to support their habits. Because it is virtually impossible for a person on speed to maintain regular employment, breaking the law becomes their only option. Also, the longer a person has an addiction, the more of the substance they require. In fact, most addicts report that at some point they use drugs not to get high but, just to feel normal.

Using drugs also creates rifts with family and friends who are worried about the safety and health of the addict. This can lead to feelings of isolation and the use of more drugs to cover those inadequacies. The best course of action for any addict is to seek treatment immediately.


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