My Fight Against Drug Abuse


Anyone that has dealt with a serious amount of drug abuse understands what it can do to your body. It might seem fun at the start when you are getting a little high and the body feels great. However, when you start doing it day in and day out, you will realize what it truly has to offer those who don’t spend time doing their research. It absolutely sucks having to deal with drug abuse and having to do ecstasy every single day. It is horrible for you, but even when you know that, you just can’t get out from under it which is horrible.
I think when I learned about what it was doing to my body from a doctor, I started to consider going for rehab. It was the only course of action that would get me out from under this problem once and for all. I was sick and tired of dealing with it and I just wanted to make sure that I was getting the most for my time. I didn’t want to get hurt anymore and that was important to me and my family who were supporting me from start to completion. I will be forever grateful to them for doing that for me.
There are so many hallucinogens out there and they do an incredible amount of damage to the body. I have taken XTC or X and it really does have an impact on your mindset and how you feel throughout the day, week, and even month at times. When you become consistent with the usage, you will start to notice how bad it is for you and how dependent you can get on the high that is being provided. It is not a good place to be for anyone.


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