Why Does It Become Alcohol Abuse

Signs of AbuseIf you like to drink, you might be wondering about when it crosses over into alcohol abuse. It can be scary to think about going down the road. You want to avoid it without having to give up drinking all together.

When people do become addicted to it and want to receive help, they give it up completely. They don’t drink at all because they know it will be an issue. They are protecting themselves from falling back into the same trap they were in before.

If you like to have one drink after work. If you only drink with friends. If you are always in control when you drink, you probably don’t have any issues with it. You should be able to continue doing what you are doing.

If you tend to drink alone a lot. If you get out of control when you do drink. If people have told you to be careful with alcohol, you might be starting to abuse it.

Abuse or Addiction

Think about what your relationship with alcohol is about. Think about what it causes you to do and if you can live without it. If you can answer these questions you will know if you are headed towards abusing alcohol.

If you think this is where you are headed, you need to get help as soon as you can. There are a lot of programs and meetings you can attend. You can figure out a way to scale back before it is too late.

It is best to talk to your family about this. Let them know you think you have a problem and want to fix things. Ask for their help because you will need it. You will need people in your life to help you accomplish your goals when it comes to alcohol.


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