Vitamin K Abuse And Treatment Options


Have you ever heard of a drug called ketamine? It is a very common drug which is a synthetic compound that is used as an anesthetic, and in social settings as a hallucinogen. At the turn of the millennium, it was actually placed on controlled substances list because of its prevalent use at parties and raves. Used as a drug to knock people out, it is known as the date rape drug for obvious reasons. It can be snorted, added to cigarettes, or marijuana joints, giving people unusual experiences. Let’s look at some of the side effects associated with this drug, and why you should get help for it if you continually ingest it on a regular basis.

Side Effects Of Ketamine

One of the reasons that ketamine is a popular is because it creates a dreamlike state. You will find very hard to move once you take a significant dose, and it may even knock you out. Side effects associated outside of the hallucinogenic properties include amnesia, depression, vomiting and nausea. In some cases, people have noted that their blood pressure is elevated along with their heart rate.

Street Names For Ketamine

If you have ever purchased it on the street, it has many different names including cat Valium, super acid, and special K. Depending upon where you get it, it could be mixed with other substances, potentially making it dangerous.

Why Special K Is So Popular

This drug is extremely popular primarily because of its ability to give an out of body experience. You have probably heard of individuals that have experienced a dreamlike state in which they were staring at their body from a third person perspective, or those that have had lucid dreams. When you take this drug, prior to falling unconscious, these are experiences that you may have. The ability to fly has also been noted with those that have been free from their physical body, motivating them to try it again and again.

Treatment Centers For Ketamine Abuse

You can find treatment centers for ketamine and other substances in your community that can help you with this particular problem. By attending the meetings, and going through the treatment center’s programs, you will be able to stop using the substance over time.

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