Understanding Amphetamine Abuse


Amphetamines are stimulants. The most commonly known is speed which is the slang name for amphetamine sulphate, although the term is sometimes also used for similar types of drugs. Some drug users also refer to them as uppers, because of the effect they have.

When people say that speed makes them feel “up”, what they really mean is that the drug makes them feel elated. The drug gives them a burst of energy which makes them feel energetic, excitable and happy. This makes it one of the drugs of choice for people who are looking for social stimulants.

Unfortunately, not everybody has a positive experience. Rather than become excited, the user can become agitated or hyperactive. This can tip into psychosis, which is an extremely frightening experience.

Even if you have a good experience with speed, the after effects are not so enjoyable. The comedown causes depression and irritation, and the results can be long lasting. The comedown is always significantly longer than the “up” effects of the drug, and can last up to 5 days.

People who take amphetamines also need to educate themselves on the risks, as it is not a safe drug.   Because of the stimulating effects, the drug can raise the rate of your heart and trigger tachycardia or an arrhythmia. This results in a significant risk of death in people with an underlying heart condition, but there are also many cases of healthy individuals dying too.

Although speed is not one of the most addictive drugs, some people will take it on a regular basis. This has serious implications for the immune system, and it is common for drug users to get ill very frequently. There are also mental health problems which are associated with long term use.

Contact your nearest drug rehab center to find out more information.

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