The Risks Of LSD

488122677Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD, is a powerful psychotropic drug that can leave some people in severe emotional distress. While the drug itself isn’t deadly, meaning you can’t overdose on it, the effect it has on your mind can cause you to do deadly things like jump off a balcony or shoot a loved one.

LSD is also called acid and blotter. It goes under the name blotter because oftentimes the drug is put onto paper that the drug user ingests. The good thing about LSD is that it isn’t physically addictive. You won’t experience withdrawal when you try to stop taking it. The bad thing is that it can be mentally addictive. It can also trigger psychosis.

Some people who abuse LSD lose touch with reality and end up in mental hospitals or dead. They commit suicide or end up hurting themselves in accidents. LSD is definitely a dangerous drug and if you are taking it frequently, you need to get professional help. Don’t risk your health or life to LSD.

People who take a lot of LSD tend to withdraw and spend a lot of time alone. LSD makes you want to be by yourself. The person may seem skittish or just not quite right. Substance abuse is serious, so if you or anyone you know is taking LSD, consider getting them into a rehab center. During rehab the addict can get help getting off the drug and doing the emotional work to make sure he doesn’t go on the drug again.

Rehab is a great option for those dealing with LSD withdrawal. Rehab provides a safe space to deal with the problem of your addiction. After you are through, you won’t need LSD anymore. You will know why you started using it and be able to quit.


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