The Highly Detrimental Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

493205263Alcohol abuse is one of the most common forms of abuse and is also one of the most dangerous.  Due to the socially accepted form and consumption of alcohol, becoming addicted to the substance is very easy.  Furthermore, not only is obtaining alcohol very easy but it is also encouraged due to the association with enjoyment and peer acceptance; little do people know that this acceptable substance abuse can be devastating to one’s health.

When one consumes alcohol it enters the body and is then absorbed by the stomach.  The substance then enters the bloodstream and is pushed towards all body tissues causing detrimental bodily effects in various ways, including irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, high blood pressure and even death.

Copious alcohol consumption has been known to blur one’s vision, and in some cases individuals may lose their ability to see completely.  Alcohol can also interfere with sleep patterns inducing either early sleep or eliminating the ability to sleep altogether.  When engaging in an alcohol-induced state of sleep you are not fully relaxed, nor is your body resting effectively.  This means that the body presents with greater fatigue upon waking and a mental state of irritability.

A well-known physical effect of excessive alcohol consumption is that of severe kidney damage.  This is due to the alcohol disrupting the flow of minerals from the kidney to the body.  This also leads to a reduction in energy levels.

Another well-known physical effect of excessive alcohol consumption is that of severe liver damage.  Cirrhosis of the liver is detrimental to physical health and can lead to early death.  Extreme inflammation of the pancreas is also seen by an irritation of the gut lining when consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

As can be seen, drinking excessive amounts alcohol can be highly disadvantageous to one’s health and should be avoided.

A Natural Approach to Drug and Alcohol Detox:

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