Substance Abuse: How To Help Addicts Get Treatment


When a person suspects a love one has a drug or alcohol addiction, it may be difficult to intervene. After all, nobody wants to be thought of as a busybody. People in this situation will need to face their fears and help the addict seek treatment.

What Happens if an Addict Does Not Get Help for Substance Abuse?

It doesn’t matter whether a person is addicted to alcohol, blow or cocaine, all addicts need to get help. Without it, they could lose their job, family and/or personal relationships. Some may even put their lives at risk by ingesting high levels of drugs. As drug addiction can lead to life and death situations, people do not have time to mess around. They need to address their loved one’s addiction and convince them to get help.

Stage an Intervention

Everybody will have seen an intervention on television. This is when friends and family members come together and let the addict know that they are aware of their problem. Interventions work because addicts are told that they have the support of the people they love. If an addict realizes they have a problem, they will agree to seek treatment.

Now, loved ones need to understand that the addict needs to want to get help. There is no point in forcing someone to undergo treatment as he or she will resist attempts to get them clean. An addict has to really want to change in order for them to get clean and stay clean.

The most effective treatment option is inpatient therapy. The reason behind this is that addicts are asked to check-in to a facility and concentrate on recovery for a specified period of time. Because they are giving themselves time to kick their addiction and undergo therapy, they are more likely to succeed than people who choose other treatments.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment from Pennsylvania’s Leader in Quality, Compassionate Substance Abuse Treatment Facility:

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