Addiction To Pain Meds Is A Common Problem

463097801Everyone has taken some form of pain killer at one point of their lives. When the pain is severe, doctors often prescribe pain medicines to address the problem. This is especially common after a person has surgery. During the recovery stage, the pain from the surgical site can be unbearable unless it is controlled by drugs, as prescribed by the doctor. Common types of prescription pain meds include yylenol with codeine, opioids and morphine derivatives.

Usually, that is not a problem. It becomes a problem when the person starts to take a bigger and bigger dose at more frequent levels than prescribed by the doctor. The body builds a tolerance to pain meds over time. When one dose wears off too soon, the person takes another one. If one dose does not work, the person takes two. Before he knows it, the body becomes dependent on these drugs in order to feel comfortable.

This is a very serious problem. What is worse is that people addicted to pain meds usually will not admit that they have a problem. They think that it is medically necessary to take them at that level. The longer they deny it, the longer the body becomes dependent on it.

No one wants to be labeled an addict. They think an addict is a person whom you find hovering in the dark corners of the streets, buying drugs off the pushers. However, an ordinary, hard-working person with a family and kids can also be an addict. A addiction is the body’s dependency on some substance, and it can happen to anyone.

The good news is that there is help available for those who seek help with their addiction. The first step is to admit that they have a problem. Once that is done, help can be given.

Prescription Drug Addiction is Tough to Break

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