Morphine Is Not Always Helpful

90161074I recently went to a drug rehab center for the very first time. I did not go there to check in. I was visiting a good friend who became addicted to morphine and decided to get the help he needed. I met him while playing on the football team in high school and we had been friends ever since. It was very difficult for me to see my good friend become addicted and suffer because of it. I still have a hard time understanding how a drug that was supposed to help him ended up ruining his life.

My friend wanted to serve his country during the last surge to Afghanistan because he thought he would not have another opportunity to do so. He had always thought about joining the Marine Corps and wanted to become a general since before I even knew him. He finally got what he wanted and was deployed with the first wave. He did not stay oversea for very long. He lost a leg in an IED attack, like many other Marine Corps.

The pain was severe enough that he needed to be constantly on morphine before he could be sent home. Things changed a lot for him when he came back, and I don’t think it would have been possible for him to go back to the life he was used to. Even though he would act normal in front of others, he had a secret drug addiction. I was told by the doctor that a lot of patients are able to hide their addiction for years. We found out about his drug problem because his girlfriend found him passed out after apparently overdosing about a month ago.

My friend has been in a rehab clinic ever since and he seems to be making progresses. I am starting to recognize my old friend. I don’t know if he will ever go back to his old personality but I am confident that he will eventually beat his addiction.

One response to “Morphine Is Not Always Helpful

  1. I believe that doctors should take their time to bring a patient off of the pain medication that they give them and send them to some type of pain clinic. You’re doing an awesome job with your blog many blessings Roberta

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