What Are The Effects Of Marijuana, Pot or Weed?

466575865More than 208 million people all over the world consume illegal drugs, the most common being marijuana. All drugs are poisonous to the body and has detrimental effects on the brain. Today young people are exposed to drugs at a much earlier age with harmful effects determined by the amount taken. According to statistics in the US, children who use marijuana are much more likely to steal, act violently and damage property.

Marijuana is also known as pot, weed, or joint which is rolled into a cigarette, brewed as a tea, ingested with food, or smoked using a water pipe which is called a “bong”. The drug is more potent today as a result of improved growing techniques and seed selections which produce a more powerful strain.

Because marijuana is illegal in most states in the US, if you are caught with marijuana in your possession you will either be fined and your driver’s license may be suspended, or you could land up in jail.

Marijuana is known as a “gateway” drug, because users build up a tolerance, which leads to the desire to consume stronger drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, to achieve the same “high”.

The short term effects of marijuana are:

– Time distortions
– Loss of co-ordination and relaxed muscles
– Vision and hearing impairment
– Increased appetite
– Sleepiness
– Redness of the eyes
– Heart palpitations (risk of heart attack increases five-fold within the first hour of smoking a joint)
– Impaired memory
– Inability to solve simple problems

Long term use of marijuana can cause severe lung damage with symptoms of coughing, wheezing, and bronchitis as the body’s immune system loses its ability to fight illnesses, such as lung infections. It is also known to cause heart damage and increase the risk of heart attack. Eventually, psychotic symptoms appear with a sharp increase in emergency room visits.

Drugs like marijuana are taken by individuals who find it difficult to cope with unwanted feelings or situations in everyday life. The effects of marijuana help to mask the unwanted feelings for a while, but when the high fades, the unwanted conditions seem even more intense. This often leads to users turning to drugs that are stronger since they feel that marijuana is no longer sufficient.


2 responses to “What Are The Effects Of Marijuana, Pot or Weed?

  1. I disagree. In moderation it’s effects can be very effective for many ailments. Anything taken excessively can hurt you, including all the the “legal” drugs. They tend to have worse side effects as well. I’m not sure if your on an prescribed meds, if so take a look at the card. It’s loaded with some really scary stuff.
    For myself, I smoked almost every night just a little. It helped mentally calming my mind down enough to sleep. Now I take sleeping pills.
    I have bulging disks, pains, etc in my back an it relaxed the muscles. Now I get pain shots in my back every 6 months.
    I have double vision. It relaxed my eye muscles so they worked together. Now I have a prism lens.
    There are enough doctors who would argue my points as well as many others.
    It’s frustrating for me when I see an article like this when all the facts are not given.
    I wasn’t going to post a reply, but this item I feel strongly about.

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