Sleeping Medications and Dangers

DeadlySleepAidYou have probably noticed if you go to a regular store that there are many sleeping medications that you can purchase over-the-counter. The problem with these types of medications is that they are limited in their ability to help you sleep. That’s why many people will go to their family physician in order to get a prescription for medications that can help them get a good nights rest. Some of these medications include Ambien,Sonata, and Lunesta, some of the most popular prescribed today. Unfortunately, they also can be very addicting, something that we would like to address.

Why Sleeping Pills Work

The reason I sleeping pills work so well is because they are very similar to benzodiazepines. They bind with GABA receptors in your brain, thus causing you to relax. They can have hypnotic qualities which are beneficial for falling asleep. However, in higher quantities, they can become addicting, and the hypnotic effects can actually cause problems with your memory and functionality. As a result of this, many people become addicted to these particular types of drugs. There is a way to prevent addiction which we will now address.

Preventing Addiction To Sleeping Pills

In order to stop the possibility of an addiction occurring, you need to make sure that you do not build up a tolerance to these drugs. Once you become dependent upon them to sleep, it is hard to rest without them. You may also go through withdrawals as a result of this addiction when you do not have them thus adversely affecting your ability to sleep even more. By using them sparingly, only when you need them, the addiction to them, and your dependents upon them, will not form, allowing them to remain useful as an occasional nighttime sleep aid.


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