Club Drugs Today Are Very Strong And Bad For You

465218043New designer drugs that are making its way into the clubs today are finding a home with the younger people. Many of these new designer drugs some of which are man-made and highly illegal. The drug of choice with these kids is called ecstasy or MDMA.

Other drugs that have been around for longer include LSD and magic mushrooms. These drugs are labeled as hallucinogenics that cause its users to have an altered state of reality, thus making them highly dangerous especially when out in the clubs. Aptly named club drugs make the party scene wild because of the loud thumping music and crazy light shows that usually go on. This is what attracts people to these clubs and to take these types of drugs.

If you are a parent you should be concerned about what your child is up to. Each we younger and younger kids getting involved with these types of dangerous drugs. Many times parents are not educated on these drugs because they are only used to things like marijuana, heroin and cocaine. A smart parent should educate themselves on all the new designer drugs and should know who their children are with and where they are going. It is also important that they monitor their kids for any sudden changes in behavior. These designer club drugs can really do serious damage to the minds of a young person.

MDMA or Ecstasy which it is called on the streets is extremely dangerous. The problems occur when a user takes it and goes to the club to dance. They perspire, blood pressure increases and their heart rate goes up. This can lead to a fatal heart attack right there on the dance floor. Not only is the user susceptible to heart problems, once the drug wears off the person can experience severe depression, paranoia, poor concentration and an overall feeling of exhaustion.

LSD is another drug to pay close attention to. This drug will alter the minds of the user, making them feel and experience things that aren’t there. This drug can wreak havoc on the minds of anyone taking it, sometimes leading the person right into a mental hospital. Any of these club drugs should be avoided, and if you see someone on them, get them help right away! If not, a trip to the emergency room might be in the users future.


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