Signs of Severe Alcohol Abuse


When it comes to alcoholism and alcohol abuse, there are many varied levels of both. Alcohol use can start simple, taken socially, increase to alcohol abuse quickly, and eventually turns into full-blown alcoholism. With so many varied levels, and the fact that alcohol addiction effects every individual differently, can often be difficult to spot the signs of alcohol abuse and addiction. In this article, we will try and give some telltale signs of alcohol abuse:

Shying away from public gatherings. This is especially true if the public gatherings do not serve alcohol. Even the thought of being away from alcohol for several hours will be enough to prevent an alcohol abuser from shying away from the event, just to drink at home.

Binge and Recover Drinking. This includes severe binge drinking (that can sometimes last for two or three days) and then taking several days to recover. Quite often, the alcoholic is only able to stay away from alcohol during the recovery time, and within 4 days returns again to the binge drinking.

Planning Your Schedule Around Drinking. This is a big giveaway! When an individual is so addicted to alcohol that they start planning their day around the act of drinking, acquiring alcohol, and keeping BAC (Blood Alcohol Contents) up, it is a sign that the chemical dependence to alcohol has become a problem.

The above are all just signs of the underlying problem of alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a scary disease; get help with your alcohol abuse if you or anyone you love is displaying the above symptoms.

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