The Growing Addiction of Pain Meds

MD000669Pain medications come in many different types and have many different names. Opioid and morphine derivatives are at the heart of most pain medications and narcotics. This includes hydrocodone, codeine, oxycodone, roxycodone and others. You may be more familiar with their brand names like Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet.

The problems of addiction to pain meds is at an all time high. There are many reasons for this but the bottom line is that this dangerous trend is causing deaths, destroying families and ruining lives. Obviously nobody wants to be an addict but it happens, and breaking free is not as easy as simply deciding that you don’t want to be an addict.

Once addicted, the body becomes dependent on a steady supply of these substances. But the drugs no longer provide the highs they once gave the user, so the addict consumes increasingly larger doses of them.  But stopping them cold  turkey is incredibly uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can go one for more than a week. Withdrawal from pain meds has been described as the worst case of flu ever, with headaches, nausea, body aches and even seizures. Seizures are not only dangerous, they can be deadly.

This is why it is so important to seek professional help in dealing with an addiction. A professional rehab facility or doctor can help ease the agony of withdrawal and minimize the discomfort level.

Rehabilitation facilities can provide a safe withdrawal plan with appropriate followup care to help the addict with developing the life skills necessary to stay clean. This is often done with the help of a community of other former addicts who can help each other and provide support.

These programs are often inpatient and allow the former addicts to rebuild their lives in a safe and drug-free environment. Such programs help ensure a greater rate of success in kicking the addiction and returning to a better life.


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