The Dangers Of Meth

185850296This drug known by so many names, yet most commonly referred to as meth, is a very dangerous drug indeed. It is a drug that has ruined the lives of many. People of all ages have felt the affects of Meth when they abuse it over a period of time and I can guarantee you that if you start smoking meth you will go through similar problems with your health as well.

The first horror that this drug will create for you is the withdrawal. You might think you will not have to go through this because you will always be able to find more meth, but trust me, when you are going through addiction, you do go broke. You will, even if its the first time you have done it and its only a one time thing, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. These could range from anything to getting the sweats, or the drug withdrawal might seriously alter your mood. There are so many consequences that can be avoided when you chose to stay away from meth.

Did you know that meth has a very low success rate? What I mean is, often times the treatments for pulling people off of meth are not very effective. In fact, less then 10% of the people who become addicted to meth will ever recover. This means an unhealthy life for you filled with jail time and missing teeth. Please prevent this before it happens by staying away from meth.

I hope you have learned the dangers of meth, remember that there are a lot more consequences of meth that could not be listed above. Please do your research so you can see just how life ruining this drug really is. I don’t want you to get caught up in meth.

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