Inspiring Images For Staying Sober


Part of the struggle that recovering addicts often have after they leave an inpatient drug rehab facility or program is calming the mind. Drug and alcohol use often gets the brain overworking itself for long spans of time; during sobriety, many recovering addicts complain of “Boredom,” and that the boredom makes them want to use drugs and alcohol again. This boredom comes from the brain trying to overwork itself like it did during times of alcohol and drug use.

The trick is to give the brain something to do for several minutes, allowing it to calm and clear. Doing this for just a few minutes will reset the brain, and relax this “Boredom” feeling. We have found that a great trick for this, is to simply look at beautiful and calming photography for several minutes, and allow the brain to examine and relish in the colors and beauty. Below, you will find just such a gallery of calming images for you to try this out with:

Calming Image Gallery Provided By Decision Point Center:

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