Addiction to Methadone and Other Prescription Drugs

179266056Often, when a person is addicted to heroin, their physician may prescribe methadone to help the patient get off of the heroin. Unfortunately, the person generally becomes dependent upon the methadone. This is just one of the many prescription drugs that people become addicted to. Pain medications are often used at first for an injury. However, the patient may become dependent upon the effects of the drug even once the initial pain has subsided.

This is a growing problem all across the world. In addition to getting doctors to prescribe these addictive drugs, today’s addict can often go on the Internet and find them. They have all sorts of side effects and some of them are particularly harmful because they were manufactured without proper protocols. When someone begins to withdraw from these medications, they may become seriously agitated. They may also experience vomiting or hallucinations.

The drugs in this class should only be taken under the care of a physician who understands addiction. The eventual goal is for the patient to be drug free, not dependent for life.

If you or someone you know has an addiction to methadone or other prescription drugs, you should seek professional assistance. Talk to a rehab center in your area or find a support group that talks about how to break the habit. It may take quite some time to feel normal again, especially if the substance was abused for a long period of time.

Do not attempt to handle this problem on your own. There may be medical problems during the withdrawal that need a professional to ensure that death does not occur. If you are afraid to confront an addicted family member or friend, have a support person or two with you so that you are not alone.

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