The Prescription Drug Black Market


In a society that doesn’t always make healthcare affordable, what is termed as the prescription black market can sometimes seem quite appealing. These drugs might be legal and not requiring a prescription in other countries, such as Canada and Mexico, yet a prescription is necessary in the US. That is what categorizes these medications as falling into this country’s black market.

One con to this type of situation is that it can obviously get a person into legal trouble if the person isn’t careful. Every situation is different, and a person must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons and everything else involved. A person’s health is no small issue, and not everyone has insurance or the means to take care of themselves in certain dire medical situations. How badly do you need that prescription drug, and how difficult would it be to acquire the drug if you don’t tap into the black market? These are two questions you must ask yourself.

Of course, one obvious pro to this situation is it gets people’s hands on the medications they might not otherwise be able to get. Still, this type of black market can often be seen as abusive as well, since it gets painkillers and other types of drugs in the wrong hands. And, it can also be somewhat scary considering that you might not have the best physician or even a physician at all administering the care that is needed when these drugs can be quite dangerous. In many cases, the drugs themselves might not be as dangerous if it were not for the type of care provided.

Determining whether to tap into the prescription drug black market is not an easy decision. Even if you do so, you would clearly be able to see there is also a downside to the whole organization. It seems as a call to improve healthcare in this country.


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