Having An Addiction Relapse Prevention Plan


Getting clean and sober — whether you are, or were addicted to drugs or alcohol — is a difficult endeavor that needs to be taken seriously, and needs to be executed with a solid plan for quitting the chemical abuse, and staying sober. Many times, recovering addicts have a solid plan for achieving sobriety, but don’t often have a plan for keeping that new-found sobriety. This is why so many recovering addicts make it through in inpatient rehab program, but when the program is over, they have difficulty adjusting to the new sobriety, falter, and return to using drugs and/or alcohol.

An addiction relapse prevention plan is a way of continuing all of the lessons, counseling, and skills that are acquired and used in a residential treatment center, once a recovering addict has successfully completed a stay in rehab. Addiction treatment centers that employ a technique such as addiction relapse prevention provide much-needed after care, sober-living options, and additional counseling and treatment after the initial rehab stay.

Laguna Beach Recovery proudly utilizes addiction relapse prevention programs in its men’s only rehab facility in Laguna Beach, just outside of Los Angeles, California:

1755 Park Ave Laguna Beach, CA 92651‎
(888) 991-4565

addiction relapse prevention plan



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