Clubs And Drugs

When most people think of a club they think about flashing lights and loud music, maybe the occasional person in the bathroom getting high on something or another. But the idea of a few seedy individuals is fading into the background and it is becoming more common place to openly do it with groups of people and becoming part of the social subculture of clubs. These drugs are not the everyday street drugs but designer drugs; drugs that are chemically modified or created to more intense affects potentially doing more damage to the user.

To start of with there’s LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), also known as Acid is a popular drug that is extremely mind altering.  It induces very potent hallucinations that affects most of the senses. The danger of this drug comes from two major points. First the hallucinations and altered way of thinking impairs judgment and makes the user more likely to not feel fear to common and avoidable danger. Secondly, when the drug wears off it stays in your system for a very long time making you subject to flashback; undergoing the affects of the drug again, even if you didn’t recently take it.

MDMA (Ecstasy) is a drug that affects your tactical sense, exaggerating sensations making normal things be sensed in a new and over exaggerated way. The big draw back of this drug is that it degenerates neural pathways of the brain. CAT scans of young people who have abused the drug have reviled they have the same brain functionality of an elderly person with some type of degenerative brain disease.

So if you plan on going to a club for music and meeting up with friends, just know what may be a part of the local atmosphere for the night and be prepared.


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