What Is Alcohol Abuse?


If you are concerned that someone you love is spiraling into alcohol abuse, it is very important that you do not confuse the symptoms with that of alcoholism. In general, those who tend to abuse alcohol are not always addicted. However, on the other end of the spectrum, you will find that this type of abuse over the long term can lead people down a quick path to alcoholism. While an abuser will not have a dependence when it comes to alcohol, they will usually drink far more than what is considered to be safe or healthy. Because it can be difficult to distinguish a solid difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge in both areas.

To understand the signs of alcohol abuse, you will often find that the symptoms can vary from user to user. While one person who abuses alcohol may have been missing out on work due to a hangover from excessive drinking the night before, another may be fully functional after a night of binge drinking. By the same token, there are people on both sides of the alcohol addiction spectrum that will show these same signs. No two cases are alike, which makes it imperative that anyone suffering from alcohol abuse or alcoholism gets into an alcohol abuse treatment center in order to receive the appropriate level of care.

As with any type of substance abuse, someone who is having issues with alcohol will usually go through several levels of denial before attempting to get the help that they need. All too often, it will take a dangerous situation or hitting rock bottom to lead someone to a path to quality treatment and a change in lifestyle. However, with the right treatment once accepted, any alcoholic or abuser of alcohol can live a healthy, sober lifestyle.

12 step addiction treatments programs are traditionally some of the most successful alcohol rehab programs for someone that has been abusing alcohol for long or short periods. Especially-helpful to those who binge drink, the 12 steps help those addicted to alcohol both refrain from drinking — even socially — and gets patients on-track to success.

Check out Inpatient Recovery’s guides to 12 step treatment:

12 step program in California


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