Why Do Crack Users Stay Missing?


Why do crack users stay missing? This is a question that anyone who has an observant eye and who lives with a drug addict should ask, since staying away from loved ones is one of the characteristics of addiction. People who use drugs tend to develop a morbid habit of shutting themselves out. Psychologically, the person who uses crack gradually becomes aware of his or her misery, an awareness which is akin to the acute consciousness of the loss of dignity. Such persons feel vulnerable and helpless, a psychological state that can make them think that they have lost everything. They certainly would not want to show up to others, and this can become more complicated as most drug users do not take care of their physical appearance and look haggard and unkempt. The fear that others may discover their weakness and see through their misery can be one of the reasons for staying away from family and friends.

Where is the bottom for a crack addict? It is not uncommon to find situations where those who are close to the addicted person wait for the bottom line, convinced that the person will come around and change. There is no bottom line for drug users, period! If there is any bottom line, it should be the moment the person uses crack for the first time. You’ll help a loved one a lot if you act the moment you have the suspicion that he or she is using crack. Using crack is called an addiction because the craving for it develops the more the user takes it; the more one uses crack, the stronger the craving for it. Family drug intervention can be the best thing to do especially if you realize that the person you love is addicted to any substance.

Here are things that should help you when thinking about how to do a family drug intervention. It is important to involve a professional interventionist from the very beginning of the process, allowing him or her to offer expert advice and to determine the best way to handle the intervention. Every case is unique and every situation may call for unique answers. Having a professional during the intervention will help you avoid creating a situation of conflict within your family as the professional will come in with objective views about the situation. You should make sure that you choose the right people to attend the meeting, distributing roles and assigning specific tasks to those to be present. The time for the family drug intervention should be scheduled when the drug user will most likely be available and sober. You’ll help your loved one stay healthy and free if you decide on a family drug intervention as soon as you notice the signs of an addiction.


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