Alternative Therapy For Addiction: Equine Therapy?

equine drug rehab Texas

For addicts, addiction recovery is a lifelong process. Even after completing an addiction program, they have to struggle with the demons of addiction all through their life. In fact, it’s not unusual to see addicts relapsing into the same pattern of destruction. But let’s not be negative. For every addict who relapses, more than 10 recovering addicts manage to live their life constructively and optimistically. Why does this happen?


The right program can make a difference

The correct therapy or addiction recovery program can make a significant difference to the recovery rate of the addict. You can choose from several programs but equine-assisted therapy is now considered one of the best programs for addiction recovery. According to psychologists, equine therapy can make a world of difference to recovering addicts. Animals are attuned to the emotional state of their handlers and horses in particular are considered very telepathic. They can sense the mood and emotional state of their riders and they tend to mirror or mimic the mental state of their riders. As a result, therapists can get an accurate idea of the emotional state of riders by observing their interaction with the animals.


How does this program work?

The program encourages clients to interact with horses in groups or as single clients in a barn or an outdoor setting as a trained equine therapist observes them. Addicts do not need to ride the horses but they will have to interact with the horses by grooming them, leading them or even catching and bridling them. The therapist and the observer will watch the interaction and this will provide an accurate idea of how the client’s mind is working.


Rehab horse ranch: fad or effective treatment?

You will be pleased to know that this is not a new fad to just hit the market.  This sudden explosion in popularity of the drug rehab with horses program is due to the popularity of the book and file War Horse that explored the relationship between a rider and a horse. The US Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association has also been training more than 2000 therapists in the field and hundreds of new inquires occur every month. However, scientific research about the benefits of the program has been vague. To help addicts out better, therapists now combine the equine therapy for addiction with the 12 step program to ensure better recovery.

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